10 Carpet Cleaning Franchises

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Carpet cleaning franchises are capturing a significant share of the booming industry worth about $5.85 billion in the United States—a market that has witnessed a substantial $1.5 billion growth over the past 12 years.

The persistent demand for carpet cleaning services makes these franchises attractive ventures, offering entrepreneurs a proven profit model, along with the benefits of an established brand and a trusted image.

Why You Should Start a Carpet Cleaning Franchise

A carpet cleaning franchise opportunity is profitable and labor-intensive. Wages are 30% of revenue and Florida has the highest number of businesses at 4,080.

Here are five other reasons why cleaning carpets is a valuable service and good business for a prospective franchisee.

These Franchise Owners Are Needed

The importance of cleanliness has been highlighted more than ever as various institutions like schools and businesses reopen their doors. Clean facilities are not only essential for health and safety but also contribute to a positive work environment as employees transition back from remote working.

Carpet cleaning plays a pivotal role in maintaining an eco-friendly and healthy indoor atmosphere. Franchisees in this sector are crucial in meeting the heightened demand for thorough cleaning services, ensuring that organizations can welcome back individuals to a space that prioritizes well-being.

There’s Brand Recognition

Opting for a franchise in the cleaning industry comes with the advantage of brand recognition. Established franchises have already done the legwork to build a reputation and trust with customers.

By affiliating with a known brand, franchisees can leverage this recognition to attract customers and establish credibility in the market more quickly than starting a new, unrecognizable business.

These Franchise Opportunities Are Stable

The cleaning industry offers a stable opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to start their own business with relatively low risk. The initial investment for starting a franchise in this field is often lower than that of other industries, and the ongoing overhead costs can be minimal.

Moreover, the demand for cleaning services, particularly commercial cleaning, is constant and provides a steady stream of business.

The Failure Rate is Low

Franchisees in the cleaning industry benefit from a proven business model that has been replicated successfully across multiple locations and markets. This reduces the risk of failure significantly as compared to starting a business from scratch.

Companies like Green Solutions, which serve large-scale property managers, exemplify how specialized services can capture substantial market share in the growing cleaning industry.

You’ll Get Help

When you become a franchisee, you’re not alone in your entrepreneurial journey. The franchisor provides an array of support services that can give you a competitive advantage.

This includes marketing assistance, comprehensive training programs, and a reliable supply chain for cleaning materials and equipment. This built-in support network can be invaluable in helping you grow your business and navigate the competitive landscape.

carpet cleaning franchises

The Carpet Cleaning Industry Today

The carpet cleaning franchise industry is profitable. Combine upholstery cleaning with a new franchise that includes carpets. Add residential and commercial customers and projected revenue in America equals $4.964 billion by 2024.

Revenue for these cleaning services in 2023 is projected at $4.876 billion.

Here’s a list of the cleaning power to look after pet urine issues in San Francisco.

Our Methodology: How We Chose the Best Carpet Cleaning Franchises

In the specialized field of carpet cleaning, a franchise must demonstrate not just proficiency in cleaning services but also the ability to thrive in a competitive market.

In guiding potential franchisees towards successful carpet cleaning franchise ventures, we employ a specific set of criteria. These criteria are designed to assess the viability, profitability, and strategic fit of carpet cleaning franchise opportunities. Each criterion is rated on a scale from 1 to 5, where 1 indicates the least importance and 5 the highest importance:

  1. Brand Recognition and Market Presence
    • Importance: 5
    • A franchise with strong brand recognition can significantly influence customer trust and business growth. We assess the reputation and market presence of the franchise brand.
  2. Initial Investment and Ongoing Costs
    • Importance: 4
    • We evaluate the cost of starting the franchise, including fees, equipment purchases, and any inventory requirements, as well as ongoing operational costs like supplies and marketing.
  3. Training and Support Provided by the Franchisor
    • Importance: 5
    • The level and quality of training and support offered to franchisees, including business management, technical skills, and customer service training, are crucial for the success of the franchise.
  4. Technology and Equipment
    • Importance: 4
    • The quality and modernity of the cleaning equipment and technology provided or recommended by the franchisor can impact the efficiency and effectiveness of the service.
  5. Marketing and Advertising Support
    • Importance: 4
    • We assess the franchisor’s support in terms of marketing and advertising, which is vital for attracting and retaining customers.
  6. Territory and Location
    • Importance: 4
    • The designated territory or location for the franchise and the franchisor’s policy on territory exclusivity can greatly impact business success.
  7. Environmental Compliance and Sustainability Practices
    • Importance: 3
    • With increasing environmental awareness, we consider the franchise’s commitment to environmentally friendly cleaning practices and compliance with relevant regulations.
  8. Growth Potential and Scalability
    • Importance: 3
    • The potential for growth within the franchise system and the scalability of the business model, including the possibility of owning multiple units, is an important consideration.

By applying these criteria, our aim is to guide potential franchisees towards carpet cleaning franchise opportunities that offer not only a viable business model but also align with market trends and operational best practices.

carpet cleaning franchises

Best Carpet Cleaning Franchises

Venturing into the carpet cleaning franchise business can indeed be a profitable move, given the consistent need for clean interiors in homes and commercial spaces.

Before jumping in, it’s vital to evaluate the financial aspects, including the cost of specialized cleaning equipment which can be substantial.

The initial franchise fee is also a key consideration. Diversifying your services to include offerings like air duct cleaning can enhance your business’s appeal and provide additional revenue streams.

The best carpet cleaning franchises typically have a solid framework that supports growth and maintains high service standards. Following is a list of carpet cleaning companies that have excellent franchise system frameworks.

1. Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning

Oxi Fresh has been named one of the best cleaning franchises by Forbes magazine. So there’s plenty of brand recognition and support for franchisees. Financial requirements here include an initial fee between $30,000 and $100,000. This industry leader also requires $41,900 in liquid capital to begin and $50,000 to start up. Oxi Fresh services include both residential and commercial upholstery cleaning.


Coit cleaning services has over 70 years of experience, with a strong reputation. They offer restoration services and carpet cleaning using green solutions. Franchise opportunities include exclusive territories.

3. Zerorez

This company uses a patented method called Powered Water. It’s free from harsh chemicals and effective like chem dry carpet methods. So it’s a sustainable solution that provides a unique value proposition to customers. They offer a customer relationship management platform for franchisees. Their experience comes from the oil and gas industry.

4. Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning

Heaven’s Best carpet and upholstery cleaning company offers a variety of services including carpet dyeing. Heavens Best Carpet Cleaning has been franchising since 1983. So the company has a strong reputation and offers plenty of franchisee support.

5. milliCare

This company offers commercial cleaning services. It’s been franchising since 1996 and has 61 locations. They also offer protective care for new carpets and hard services like textiles. The franchise fee is $45,000.

carpet cleaning franchises

6. Stanley Steemer Carpet Cleaner

This family-owned chain prides itself on satisfied customers. That includes well-trained technicians and 24/7 responsiveness. They can service new carpets and other hard surfaces for residential and business customers.

There’s a research section on the franchise fee and franchise disclosure document here.

7. Chem-Dry Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

This company has been a leader in the carpet upholstery cleaning space for years. The product quality rests on a process that uses 80% less water than the competition. They offer other cleaning services like grout cleaning. They also specialize in odor removal with natural powerful cleaning solutions. You can check out their commercial cleaning services opportunity here.

The franchise fee here is $23,500. Financing is available.


The initial investment here is between $38,000 and $170,000 dollars. Royalty fees are 2% and the franchise fee is between $10,000 and $25,000. This is a franchise focusing on opportunities for returning veterans.


Kwik Dry offers an oxygenated cleaning system that dries in one hour. Textile care and options for other surfaces like laminate flooring are included.

The franchise fee is $30,000. The website highlights a rapid growth of 3% from 2014 to now.

10. Servpro

These franchises specialize in cleanup and repairs as well as disaster restoration, which are highly in-demand services. That includes carpet and upholstery cleaning and mold remediation. Brand recognition is a big bonus here. Servpro is ranked in the top eight franchises by Entrepreneur magazine.

Carpet Cleaning Franchise Comparison

As you delve into the world of carpet cleaning franchises, understanding the nuances of each opportunity is crucial. To aid in your decision-making, we have highlighted key aspects of these franchises, such as investment costs, services offered, and unique brand attributes in the table below:

Franchise Initial Investment Range Unique Services Offered Brand Recognition Additional Support Provided
Oxi Fresh $41,900 – $100,000 Residential and Commercial Upholstery Cleaning High Comprehensive Training, Marketing Help
COIT Contact for details Restoration Services, Green Solutions Established Exclusive Territories, Ongoing Support
Zerorez Contact for details Powered Water Technology Innovative CRM Platform, Industry Crossover Expertise
Heaven’s Best Contact for details Carpet Dyeing, Variety of Services Veteran Long-standing Franchise History
milliCare Contact for details Commercial Focus, Protective Care Niche Over two decades of franchising, Training
Stanley Steemer Contact for details 24/7 Responsiveness, Trained Technicians Renowned Satisfied Customer Focus, Comprehensive Support
Chem-Dry $23,500 Low-water Usage Process, Natural Solutions Leader Financing Available, Diverse Cleaning Services
JDog Carpet Cleaning $38,000 – $170,000 Veteran-focused Opportunities Patriotic Low Royalty Fees, Veteran Support Initiatives
KWIK DRY $30,000 Oxygenated System, Quick Drying Growing Rapid Growth, Training Support
Servpro Contact for details Disaster Restoration, Mold Remediation Top Ranked Brand Recognition, Diverse Service Offering

carpet cleaning franchises

How to Choose the Best Carpet Cleaning Franchise Opportunities

Rug cleaning can be profitable. First ask yourself, “Is a franchise affordable ?” There’s more to it than offering low prices and a fantastic cleaning system.

Check out the book an expert named John developed on the subject. And the following tips.

Get A Good Overview

The Federal Trade Commission has supplied an excellent guide to get you started. Go through The Franchise Disclosure Document first.

Look at Average Revenue and Profits

Oxi Fresh Is a top company and you can request free info including profits and revenue by clicking on the tab.

Check Costs and Fees

When it comes to franchising, the financial commitment is not to be underestimated. Your initial investment will vary greatly depending on several factors, such as the chosen brand’s market presence, and the location of your operation.

Urban settings, especially in bustling metropolises, may demand a higher outlay due to increased market saturation and operational costs. Aspiring franchisees should be prepared for startup costs that range broadly from as low as $20,000 to upwards of $1 million.

This wide range reflects the diversity in scale and scope of carpet cleaning franchises available, from smaller, niche brands to well-established industry leaders.

Determine The Financing

Once you found a good franchise that includes several ways to make money like ventilation duct cleaning, you’ll need to look at financing. Several different possibilities include a business line of credit, equipment financing, business term loans, and even SBA loans. Here’s some more info.

carpet cleaning franchises

Checklist for Choosing a Carpet Cleaning Franchise

  • Assess startup costs against your budget and financing options.
  • Evaluate the range of services offered and how they align with your market’s needs.
  • Consider brand recognition and market presence of the franchise.
  • Investigate the level of training and ongoing support provided by the franchisor.
  • Look into additional offerings such as exclusive territories or unique technological advantages.
  • Determine the scalability potential for services like air duct cleaning or disaster restoration.
  • Review the Franchise Disclosure Document and seek legal counsel if necessary.
  • Research average revenue and profitability from existing franchisees.
  • Explore financing options, including loans and franchisor assistance programs.
  • Reflect on personal compatibility with the franchise ethos and customer service expectations.

How Much Does It Cost to Open a Carpet Cleaning Franchise?

Including the initial franchise fee, opening one of these businesses can cost as low as $3,500 and go all the way up to well over 1 million. Getting carpet fibers clean and providing healthy work environments isn’t cheap. There are a variety of costs that include those for chemicals, fuel, vehicles, and even equipment. These can be included with the franchise fees.

Is a Carpet Cleaning Franchise Profitable?

Cleaning for residential and commercial clients is profitable. Some quick research reports that franchisees can make upwards of $150 per hour.

SERVGROW details a path where you can make $75,000 by your third year. Adding value can be about putting together packages customers can use. Like ones that disinfect floors and high-touch surfaces.


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