20 In Office Event Ideas for Your Small Business

Small business owners need their staff to bond with each other in order to ensure a good working relationship that benefits the company. They can achieve this with a variety of events and activities that are either free or inexpensive and can be hosted right there in the office itself.

The Benefits of In-Office Events

In-office events serve as a cornerstone for cultivating a vibrant, connected, and resilient workplace. Here’s how they can enrich your business environment:

  • Promote Team Bonding: Engaging in team activities fosters mutual understanding, trust, and better collaboration among team members.
  • Boost Creativity & Spontaneity: Creative games and storytelling exercises unlock employees’ imagination, encouraging innovative thinking and spontaneity.
  • Enhance Knowledge & Skills: Trivia and industry-related games bolster industry knowledge, promoting continuous learning and healthy competition.
  • Encourage Personal Sharing & Bonding: Personal sharing events allow employees to connect on a deeper level, strengthening mutual respect and interpersonal bonds.
  • Recognize & Reward: Events that acknowledge and appreciate the hard work and unique contributions of employees boost morale and motivation.
  • Increase Safety Awareness: Safety training sessions ensure employees are well-equipped with essential knowledge, promoting a secure workplace.
  • Stress Relief & Fun: Light-hearted activities provide a much-needed break from routine tasks, fostering relaxation and holistic employee well-being.

In Office Event Ideas

In-office events are vital in fostering camaraderie, team building, and innovation among staff. Below is a detailed table that categorizes these events based on their core objectives, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your team’s needs:

Event Type Event Primary Objective
Icebreakers Two Truths and a Lie Getting to know colleagues on a personal level
What’s My Name? Familiarity and humor
Team Building Suddenly Stories Encouraging creativity and spontaneity
Jigsaw Puzzle Race Teamwork and collective problem solving
The Egg Drop Challenge Innovation and teamwork
Untangle the Human Knot Physical teamwork and problem-solving
Group Grouping Challenge Learning about colleagues and teamwork
Creativity Boosters Sneak-a-Peek Description and communication skills
Office Improv Workshop Improving communication and spontaneity
Knowledge & Skill Enhancement Board Game Tournaments Strategic thinking and stress-relief
Office Trivia Games General knowledge and team competition
Catch Phrase Communication skills
Customized Jeopardy! Industry knowledge and competitive spirit
Personal Sharing Hero, Highlight and Hardship Deepening interpersonal bonds and understanding
Professional Growth Strengths-Finding Workshops Self-awareness and team dynamics understanding
Recognition & Reward Democratic Employee Awards Appreciation and recognition
Physical Activities Table Sports Stress relief and friendly competition
Fun & Engagement Themed Sales Day Sales motivation and fun
Safety Training Active Shooter Training Safety awareness and trust-building
Memory Games Concentration or Pairs Memory enhancement and teamwork

Two Truths and a Lie

This ingenious game is a blend of mystery and revelation, often chosen as the first step in team-building sessions. Members stand in a circle, presenting themselves and offering two honest facts and one fabricated statement about their lives.

As everyone listens attentively, they take mental notes, later endeavoring to pinpoint the fabricated statement. It’s not just about deception; it’s an opportunity to uncover intriguing tidbits about peers, fostering connections built on shared laughter and astonishment.

Suddenly Stories

Imagine a game that kindles the embers of creativity and continuity. Assemble your team, ignite a story with a trilogy of sentences, and end with the intriguing word ‘suddenly…’. Like a relay race of creativity, the subsequent participant picks up, weaving their triad of lines, concluding similarly.

As the tale zigzags unpredictably, team members find themselves in an exhilarating dance of improvisation and adaptation. It’s not just a game; it’s a dynamic exercise that hones creativity under pressure.

Jigsaw Puzzle Race

Turn a leisurely pastime into an adrenaline-fueled race. Procure identical jigsaw puzzles and segregate your team into spirited groups. Their mission? Assemble the scattered pieces, forging a complete image before the others.

As the clock ticks, members collaborate, delegate, and strategize, every piece falling into place becoming a testament to their synchronized effort. It’s more than a puzzle; it’s a lesson in collaboration, focus, and the joy of shared achievement.

The Egg Drop Challenge

There’s a peculiar charm to this challenge, a blend of physics, creativity, and suspense. Delineate your crew into squads, arming them with rudimentary tools: adhesive tape, cardboard cylinders, and sheets of paper.

Their objective is deceptively simple: engineer a fortress for a fragile, uncooked egg, ensuring its safety when hurled from a lofty altitude.

This exercise extends beyond quirky amusement, spotlighting the team’s prowess in innovation and their shared jubilation or commiseration over the egg’s fate.

What’s My Name?

Echoing moments from cult classic sitcoms like The Office, where Michael Scott’s missteps lead to unintended hilarity, “What’s My Name?” is a game of concealed identities.

Participants write down renowned celebrities, from vintage stars to modern icons, sticking these names onto unaware colleagues’ foreheads or backs.

As everyone mingles, they drop hints and field questions, all while deciphering their concealed persona. The ensuing interactions are often comedic, sometimes perplexing, but always an avenue for lively conversation and laughter.

in office event ideas


Delve into a game that challenges cognitive abilities and the power of accurate description. Using building blocks, for example Legos, a complex design is erected, hidden away from the participants’ gaze.

One representative from each team is granted the privilege to ‘sneak a peek’, memorizing as much as they can in mere moments. Once back, they’re tasked with narrating a vivid, step-by-step account, guiding their team to recreate the intricate design.

The pressure is tangible, as precision, effective communication, and team collaboration decide the victors.

Board Game Tournaments

Transform a regular afternoon into a spirited board game marathon, transporting participants to diverse worlds—from the real estate ventures of Monopoly to the strategic battles of Risk.

Apart from the sheer entertainment value, these tournaments offer therapeutic relaxation, allowing employees to momentarily escape work pressures.

As teams maneuver game pieces, strategize, and perhaps endure unfortunate game outcomes, it fortifies bonds, celebrates diligence, and injects a healthy dose of competition. Winning or losing becomes secondary, replaced by the camaraderie and tales of board game heroics.

in office event ideas

Office Trivia Games

Who doesn’t enjoy the a good trivia challenge? Engage the entire office with an amalgamation of intriguing general knowledge questions intertwined with niche trivia tailored to your industry or the fascinating hobbies of staff members.

As colleagues band together, forming competitive teams, they brainstorm, discuss, and share insights, eyes on the coveted prize—or just the sheer honor of being trivia champions. This exercise promotes learning, strengthens collaboration, and introduces a refreshing perspective to mundane work topics.

Catch Phrase

Enter the realm of words, where direct mentions are forbidden, and ingenious indirect descriptions are the only way forward. Teams face off in a linguistic tug-of-war, describing concepts or phrases without ever uttering the title.

It’s a game that weaves in elements of strategy, vocabulary prowess, and an uncanny ability to decipher abstract descriptions.

As participants articulate clues and teammates hazard guesses, it fosters deeper connections, cultivates trust, and hones their collective communication skills—all cloaked under the guise of leisurely fun.

Office Improv Workshop

Imagine the office ambiance filled with sporadic laughter, wild gesticulations, and dramatic enactments. That’s the charm of improv workshops, a delightful blend of spontaneity and wit.

It pushes employees out of their comfort zones, urging them to think on their feet and react instantaneously. Beyond the laughter, it instills invaluable professional skills: adept communication, sharp focus, and the ability to adapt.

And with the guidance of a seasoned improv professional, your staff not only learns but also treasures the memories of unrestrained office hilarity.

in office event ideas

Hero, Highlight and Hardship

Delve into the personal narratives of your team members with this introspective exercise. It’s more than just sharing; it’s a journey into the core influences of every individual.

By asking each member to highlight a personal hero, a proud moment, and a challenging time, the activity uncovers the tapestry of experiences that shape them. Perhaps it’s a grandparent who taught resilience, a memory of a triumphant marathon, or a personal battle with health.

As these stories unfold, barriers dissolve. In their place, emerges an atmosphere of trust, respect, and deepened bonds, humanizing the workplace.

Strengths-Finding Workshops

Welcome to a transformative workshop that pivots focus from mundane work tasks to the underlying strengths of each team member.

By engaging in a detailed exploration of individual and collective strengths, employees gain insights into their unique capabilities and how they mesh within the team.

It’s not just about introspection; it’s a dynamic process where participants offer feedback, share anecdotes, and collaboratively discover how their strengths interplay. The outcome? A synergized team that leverages its collective prowess, driving efficiency and innovation.

in office event ideas

Concentration or Pairs

Step into the realm of memory and collaboration with this timeless card game. Participants face a grid of face-down cards, with the challenge of finding matching symbols. But there’s a twist—it’s a collective endeavor.

Teams strategize, recall previously flipped cards, and navigate the grid with increasing efficiency. Amidst the playful tension, there’s laughter over forgotten pairs and cheers for successful matches.

As the game progresses, it reinforces teamwork, hones memory, and rekindles the simple joy of card games from our childhood.

Democratic Employee Awards

Redefine the paradigm of recognition with a democratic approach. Instead of top-down accolades based purely on numbers, this initiative places the power in the hands of the collective.

Employees, those in the trenches, get to decide who truly made an impact. It’s an empowering shift, valuing attributes like mentorship, dedication, and resilience.

Perhaps it’s the quiet team member who consistently aids others or the one who champions unnoticed tasks. In this refreshing setup, recognition becomes holistic, fostering a culture of appreciation and mutual respect.

in office event ideas

Active Shooter Training

In a world of unpredictability, preparedness can be a source of comfort. While the mere thought of an active shooter scenario is harrowing, equipping staff with knowledge can be empowering.

Such trainings, though somber, focus on fostering awareness, decision-making skills, and fostering a collective response strategy. The goal isn’t to induce fear but to instill confidence.

When teams undergo this training, an unsaid bond forms—borne out of shared knowledge and the hope of never needing to use it. It becomes a testament to the organization’s commitment to safety and the well-being of its staff.

Table Sports

Introduce a touch of recreational competition to your workplace with table sports! Whether it’s the rapid action of foosball or the swift rallies of table tennis, these games are not only affordable and space-efficient but also a fantastic way to boost morale.

Picture spontaneous matches during lunch breaks, or structured mini-tournaments fostering camaraderie. As paddles strike and tiny soccer players spin, witness increased interaction, laughter, and some light-hearted rivalry that fortifies team bonds.

in office event ideas

Themed Sales Day

Transform an ordinary sales day into a carnival of creativity and competition. Encourage your staff to indulge in thematic fancy dresses, integrating playful challenges amidst their sales tasks.

Sprinkle the environment with appetizing snacks, adding to the festive spirit. As the day culminates, award the day’s top performers with quirky prizes. By merging fun with work, watch as motivation soars and camaraderie strengthens, all while driving productivity.

Customized Jeopardy!

Elevate your team’s spirit with a customized game of Jeopardy!, tailored to the intricacies of your business or industry. Divided into teams, members will strive to outshine competitors, proving their prowess in industry knowledge.

It’s not just about answering questions, but a holistic experience where they brainstorm, strategize, and collaborate to earn the title of “industry aficionados”.

Untangle the Human Knot

Intertwine physical challenge with problem-solving as you immerse your team in the game of ‘Human Knot’. The objective might seem simple, but as hands reach across and grip unfamiliar palms, the maze of human connections is anything but.

As members strategize, communicate, and maneuver, this game fosters teamwork, patience, and understanding, leaving participants with both a sense of accomplishment and a few giggles.

Group Grouping Challenge

Catalyze genuine connections and foster team unity with the ‘Group Grouping’ challenge. While sorting based on physical attributes like height or age is straightforward, it’s the deeper layers—like the number of countries visited or live concerts attended—that truly spark conversations.

As participants discover common experiences or unique stories, the exercise morphs into a journey of understanding, bridging gaps and creating lasting bonds amidst the myriad of diverse categories.

in office event ideas

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