Boost Your Revenue by 50% With These Conversion Strategies

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It’s common to close approximately 20% of leads and lose 80%. What’s frequently overlooked in the search for growth, however, is that increasing that conversion rate by just 10% can be the equivalent of increasing revenues by no less than 50%. That’s why, in my experience, a rigorous analysis of lost opportunities is among the most pivotal steps to consider when a change in strategy is needed.

Typical reasons for lost revenue

Some missed sales are directly related to the selling company, including the product and its pricing and marketing. Some are related to buyers’ companies, including having management approval and budgets in place. Some are related to individuals involved in a transaction, including salespeople, the buyer at a customer’s company or some other middlemen. Finally, some are related to entirely external factors, including competition and economic conditions. The key is figuring out which of these is/are the reason you lost each opportunity, and then putting detailed actions into place to address each.

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