Bubble Mailers: Options for Your Business

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Bubble mailers, also known as bubble envelopes or padded envelopes, are a type of protective packaging frequently used in the shipping industry. They are essentially envelopes lined with bubble wrap, which adds a cushion that helps to keep delicate items safe during transit.

This feature and the mailers’ light weight make them an ideal shipping supply, particularly for small businesses. These businesses often need to maximize usable space in their shipping and storage areas, and the compact size of bubble mailers makes them a great fit for this requirement.

Benefits of Bubble Mailers

Built-In Cushioning: Bubble mailers feature built-in bubble cushioning, providing excellent protection against shocks and impacts during shipping. This eliminates the need for additional protective packaging materials, reducing the overall packing time. As a result, bubble mailers can be a great choice for businesses seeking to streamline their shipping process.

Versatility: Bubble mailers offer versatility in terms of the types of items they can accommodate. From small electronics and jewelry to books and documents, these mailers can protect a wide variety of items. Furthermore, bubble mailers come in various sizes, ensuring a suitable option for different items.

Lightweight: Bubble mailers are lightweight, an important consideration in shipping. A lighter package often translates into lower shipping costs, making bubble mailers a cost-effective option. Despite their lightness, they don’t compromise on protection, ensuring the items’ safety.

Easy to Store: Their flat design makes bubble mailers easy to store. They can be stacked neatly, allowing for efficient use of storage space. This can be especially advantageous for businesses with limited storage capacity. The ease of storage also makes bubble mailers a practical choice for occasional shippers.

Sealing Feature: One of the practical features of bubble mailers is their self-sealing ability. This design eliminates the need for additional adhesive, making the packing process faster and more efficient. Furthermore, the seal is typically quite strong, reducing the likelihood of the package opening during transit. This feature ensures that the items inside the mailer remain secure from the point of packing to the point of delivery.

Professional Appearance: Bubble mailers offer a sleek and professional look that can enhance the perception of your shipments. A quality bubble mailer can make a positive impression on the recipient, reflecting positively on your brand. Whether you’re a business owner looking to improve customer experience or an individual sender wanting to give a professional touch to your package, bubble mailers can be a great choice.

Variety: Bubble mailers are available in a wide range of sizes, styles, and colors. This variety allows you to choose the perfect mailer for each item. If you’re shipping something small and fragile, a smaller, well-cushioned mailer would be ideal. For larger items, there are larger sizes available. There are even eco-friendly bubble mailers for those who prioritize sustainability. This diversity makes bubble mailers a flexible solution for different shipping needs.

Bubble Mailers for Your Business: What To Look For and Our Top Picks

Selecting the right bubble mailers for a business, especially for those involved in e-commerce, shipping, or mailing operations, is crucial for ensuring product protection and customer satisfaction. Here’s a guide to the key criteria for choosing the best bubble mailers:

  1. Size and Dimensions:
    • Scale of Importance: 9/10
    • Choose a size that fits your products snugly without too much excess space, reducing the risk of item movement and damage during transit.
  2. Padding and Protection Quality:
    • Scale of Importance: 9/10
    • The quality and thickness of the bubble wrap lining are crucial for protecting items from shocks and impacts.
  3. Durability and Material Strength:
    • Scale of Importance: 9/10
    • The outer material should be durable and tear-resistant to withstand the rigors of shipping and handling.
  4. Seal Strength:
    • Scale of Importance: 8/10
    • A strong adhesive seal is important to ensure the mailer stays securely closed and the contents remain protected.
  5. Weight and Postage Costs:
    • Scale of Importance: 7/10
    • Lighter mailers can help reduce shipping costs, an important consideration for businesses with high shipping volumes.
  6. Water Resistance:
    • Scale of Importance: 8/10
    • Water-resistant materials protect the contents from moisture, which is especially important for shipping electronics or paper goods.
  7. Eco-Friendliness:
    • Scale of Importance: 7/10
    • If environmental sustainability is a concern, look for recyclable or biodegradable mailer options.
  8. Variety and Versatility:
    • Scale of Importance: 6/10
    • Having a range of sizes and types (e.g., different closure types, special linings) can be beneficial for businesses shipping a variety of items.
  9. Brand Reputation and Quality Assurance:
    • Scale of Importance: 6/10
    • Choose brands known for quality to ensure consistency and reliability in your shipping materials.
  10. Cost and Budget:
    • Scale of Importance: 7/10
    • Consider the cost per mailer and balance it with the quality. Bulk purchases often offer cost savings.
  11. Customization and Branding:
    • Scale of Importance: 6/10
    • Some suppliers offer custom branding on mailers, which can be a valuable tool for marketing and enhancing brand recognition.

These criteria are key in choosing bubble mailers that meet the specific needs of a business, ensuring items are shipped securely, cost-effectively, and with a professional appearance. Here are our picks from Amazon:

Metronic 4×8 Inch Bubble Mailers

Metronic 4x8 Inch Bubble Mailer 50 Pack,Black Bubble Mailers


  • Perfect Size Envelop Mailers: The outer size of these poly bubble mailers is 4×8 inches, providing ample space for various items
  • Economical & Convenient: As an affordable alternative to shipping boxes, these padded mailers reduce shipping costs while effectively cushioning your packages against handling impact. Simply remove the strip and press the envelope closed.
  • Durability & Sturdiness: Crafted with high-quality materials, these tear-resistant and puncture-proof mailers offer exceptional protection for your products, supplies, and gifts.
  • Waterproof & Self-Sealing: The bubble mailer features real water resistance and a strong self-adhesive seal, ensuring your packages remain safe even in rainy conditions.
  • Cushioned Mailers: Lined with 80gsm bubble wrap and advanced air bubble technology to absorb shock during shipment

Metronic 4×8 Inch Bubble Mailer 50 Pack

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Sales4Less 5 Poly Bubble Mailers

Sales4Less 5 Poly Bubble Mailers 10.5X16 Inches Padded Envelope Mailer Waterproof Pack


  • Pack contains 100 Poly mailer envelopes, each featuring a lightweight bubble cushioning for optimal protection. The outside size is 10.5×16 inches, with a usable size of 10.5×15 inches.
  • Water-Resistant Poly Bubble Envelopes: These mailers provide outstanding storage and shipping protection against water, snow, and dirt, safeguarding your items during transit.
  • Polypropylene Material: The mailers are made of polypropylene, ensuring durability and strength. The 3/16″ bubble cushioning wraps around the objects, keeping them safe during shipping.
  • Self-Adhering: The peel-and-seal strip allows for quick and easy closure. Once sealed, the envelope cannot be opened without visible signs of tampering, ensuring the security of the shipped items.
  • Puncture, Tamper, and Water Resistant

Sales4Less 5 Poly Bubble Mailers

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Scotch Plastic Bubble Mailer

Scotch Plastic Bubble Mailer


  • Self-Sealing: Features a self-sealing adhesive closure for easy and secure packing
  • Writeable: The flat surface of the mailer allows for easy writing and affixing postage.
  • Versatile: Ideal for use in homes, offices, or small businesses, offering a practical alternative to cardboard packaging.
  • Lightweight: Helps lower shipping costs with its lightweight design.
  • Includes: This pack includes 25 Scotch Plastic Bubble Mailers, Size #5, measuring 10.5 inches by 15.25 inches.

Scotch Plastic Bubble Mailer

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Amazon Basics Bubble Mailer

Amazon Basics Kraft Bubble Mailer


  • Padded bubble envelope for extra shipping protection
  • Durable recycled kraft paper exterior
  • 50gsm bubble interior lining for reliable protection
  • Self-sealing closure with strong, mess-free adhesive
  • Low-cost alternative to box shipping or standard envelopes

Amazon Basics Kraft Bubble Mailer, 14.5″ x 20″

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Metallic Padded Bubble Mailers

50 Pieces Metallic Padded Bubble Mailers Shipping Mailers


  • Metallic Finish: Provides a wear-proof, moisture-proof, and waterproof surface to protect your items.
  • Air Bubble Interior: Features air bubbles on both sides to enhance cushioning and protection.
  • Double-Sided Edge: Offers increased durability and strength for secure shipping.
  • Self-Seal Closure: The self-seal adhesive ensures easy and convenient sealing of the mailers.
  • Suitable for Mailing and Packing: Perfect for various mailing and packing purposes.

50 Pieces Metallic Padded Bubble Mailers

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Metronic 4×8 Inch Bubble Mailer 100 Pack

Metronic 4x8 Inch Bubble Mailer 100 Pack


  • Daisy printed design for increased visibility and brand influence
  • Thick, tear-resistant, and puncture-resistant material for maximum protection
  • Waterproof construction to safeguard your packages from moisture
  • Strong self-sealing adhesive for easy and secure closure
  • Lightweight design eliminates the need for additional packaging materials

Metronic 4×8 Inch Bubble Mailer 100 Pack

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UCGOU Bubble Mailers 6×10 Inch

UCGOU Bubble Mailers 6x10 Inch Black 50 Pack Poly Padded Envelopes


  • Opaque Poly Bubble Mailers: Provide protection and privacy with full air bubbles and a gray film inner lining.
  • Strong Self-Sealing Adhesive: Features a four-season adhesive with strong stickiness, ensuring secure closure.
  • Sturdy & Durable Construction: Made with thick polyethylene material for puncture resistance and waterproofing.
  • Convenient & Easy to Use: Eliminates the need for extra packaging materials, improving productivity and reducing costs.
  • Enhance Brand Influence: Bright colors create a lively atmosphere and enhance brand visibility.

UCGOU Bubble Mailers 6×10 Inch

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Fuxury White Bubble Mailers

Fuxury White Bubble Mailers 10.5x16 Inch 25 Pack


  • Perfect Size Mailers: Outer size of 10.5×16 inches and inner size of 10.5×15 inches, suitable for various items.
  • Strong Adhesive: Four-season adhesive ensures secure closure, eliminating the need for reinforcement tape.
  • Durability & Sturdiness: Crafted with waterproof, tear-resistant, and puncture-proof polyethylene material.
  • Cushioning Bags: Lined with 80gsm bubble wrap for optimal cushioning and protection.

Fuxury White Bubble Mailers 10.5×16 Inch

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LIMNUO Bubble Mailers

LIMNUO Bubble Mailers 8.5x12 Inch 25 Pc


  • Multipurpose Bubble Mailers: Available in different sizes and colors to meet your specific needs.
  • Self-Sealed Envelopes: Provides extra security, preventing tampering without visible signs.
  • Widely Used: Suitable for mailing cosmetics, fashion accessories, jewelry, and other protected items.
  • Light Weight Mailers: Made from lightweight polypropylene material, minimizing shipping costs.


LIMNUO Bubble Mailers 8.5×12 Inch

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iMBAPrice Premium Self Seal Poly Bubble Mailers

iMBAPrice 500-Pack


  • Strong Heavy Duty Poly Bubble plastic cover
  • Self-Sealing and lightweight for ease of use
  • Extra Tough Bubble finned Inside
  • Durable and cost-effective
  • Multilayered construction for excellent protection

iMBAPrice Premium Self Seal Poly Bubble Mailers

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Applications and Uses of Bubble Mailers

Bubble Mailers in Packaging

Bubble mailers are used in packaging across numerous industries. They’re a go-to solution for shipping a wide range of items, from jewelry and CDs to small electronic devices. Their protective design safeguards against damage during transit, offering peace of mind for both the sender and the recipient. Moreover, the self-sealing feature of these mailers simplifies the packaging process, making them an efficient option for businesses of all sizes.

Shipping Fragile Items Using Bubble Mailers

Bubble mailers are particularly useful when shipping fragile items. The bubble padding helps absorb shocks and bumps during delivery, ensuring the item reaches the customer intact. They’re perfect for shipping sensitive items like glassware, jewelry, small electronics, and other delicate products. As a result, bubble mailers are a popular choice for e-commerce businesses that frequently ship a variety of delicate items.

Bubble Mailers in E-commerce

E-commerce businesses heavily rely on bubble mailers for their shipping needs. These mailers offer a practical solution for ensuring products reach customers in excellent condition, contributing to positive reviews and repeat business. Additionally, bubble mailers can be easily customized, allowing businesses to promote their brand during delivery directly. This can help businesses stand out and make a lasting impression on customers in a competitive online market.

The Role of Bubble Mailers in Reducing Shipping Costs

With shipping costs often calculated based on weight, bubble mailers can offer significant savings. They are lighter than boxes or other more substantial packaging options, helping to keep shipping costs down. Moreover, their slim design allows for more efficient use of space in delivery vehicles, which can further contribute to cost reduction. By offering a lightweight, space-efficient packaging solution, bubble mailers can play a key role in an effective cost-saving strategy for businesses


FAQs about Bubble Mailers

What sizes do bubble mailers come in?

Bubble mailers come in a wide range of sizes, making them adaptable for shipping various items. You can find them as small as 4×6 inches, perfect for jewelry, and as large as 14.25×20 inches, which can fit larger items such as books or electronics. Many suppliers offer customizable sizes to meet specific requirements.

Can bubble mailers be recycled?

The recyclability of bubble mailers depends on their materials. Some bubble mailers made entirely of plastic can be recycled along with plastic bags. Others, like Kraft paper bubble mailers, may require separation of materials before recycling. Always check the packaging for specific recycling instructions.

Can I reuse bubble mailers?

Yes, bubble mailers can often be reused before they’re recycled. If the mailer is still in good condition after its initial use, it can be reused for shipping, storage, or one of the creative uses mentioned earlier.

Can bubble mailers be customized?

Many manufacturers offer customizable bubble mailers. This can include printing a company logo, changing the color, or even adjusting the size of the mailer. Customization can provide a unique touch to a business’s packaging, making a memorable impression on customers.

How much weight can a bubble mailer hold?

The weight a bubble mailer can hold depends on its size and construction. However, they’re designed to be strong and durable. A standard bubble mailer can usually hold up to 2-3 pounds. Always check with the manufacturer for specific weight guidelines.

Do bubble mailers provide enough protection for fragile items?

The bubble padding inside the mailers provides a cushion that helps protect items from impact during shipping. For particularly fragile or valuable items, additional cushioning might be beneficial.

Are bubble mailers cost-effective for shipping?

Bubble mailers can be a cost-effective choice for shipping. They’re lightweight, which can help reduce shipping costs, and their protective bubble lining can save costs associated with damaged goods. Plus, their self-sealing design saves time and the need for extra tape or sealants.

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