How Much Money Does Masters Winner Scottie Scheffler Earn?

Scottie Scheffler has officially completed one of the most impressive feats in professional golf after winning the 2024 Masters Tournament over the weekend for the second time in his career.

And Scheffler will be paid handsomely for his efforts.

The Masters prize purse, which is funded by Augusta National (the golf course where the tournament takes place in Georgia) is estimated to be $20 million — an increase of $2 million from 2023 and $5 million from when Scheffler last clinched the green jacket in 2022.

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This marks the highest prize purse the tournament has given out to date, meaning that Scheffler will earn the most money in Masters history.

How Much Money Does Scottie Scheffler Earn for Winning the Masters?

This year, Scheffler will take home $3.6 million for finishing in the top spot, which is about $1 million more than the $2.7 million he took home in 2022.

It marks the second time in Masters history that the winner takes home over $3 million. The champion of the tournament has secured at least $1 million since 2001.

Ludvig Alberg, who finished behind Scheffler in second, will take home a cool $2.16 million.

All players finishing from No.11 and up will take home at least $500,000 and those who do not break the top 50 will earn between $49,200 and $10,000 for playing.

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“Around this golf course, you have to stay aggressive. You have to hit the right shots,” Scheffler said during a press conference following his win. “There’s no way around it out here. You can’t play too defensive, and you can’t play too aggressive. You just have to hit the right shots. And fortunately today I was able to do that.”

According to Spotrac, Scheffler’s PGA Tour earnings for 2024 are now at a total of $15.1 million.

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