Martha Stewart Leaves Internet Confused After Dinner Post

Martha Stewart is no stranger to controversy and raising brows, but her latest Instagram post has many scratching their heads and questioning her culinary taste.

On Instagram Wednesday, Stewart posted photos of a meal she had at the newly opened dining experience Maison Barnes, which is connected to the upscale Café Boulud in Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

The lifestyle maven dined on various dishes, including pâté, salads, vegetables, desserts and, most notably, a “roast chicken and lobster.” The land and sea combo had the 82-year-old’s followers reeling.

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In the first photo she posted, the dish shows a whole chicken placed inside a lobster to create what many of her fans started calling a “chobster.”

Naturally, the unusual photograph had many talking, trying to figure out what — and how — exactly Stewart was eating.

“That’s a lobstrosity,” one commenter wrote.

“Martha what in fresh hell,” another joked.

Unbothered, Stewart didn’t seem to think twice about the look of the dish, barely addressing it in the caption.

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“The wine list is sophisticated and excellent and the service delightful I cannot wait to return,” she wrote nonchalantly.

According to Café Boulud’s website, Maison Barnes is “dedicated to cultivating the French art de vivre,” featuring a series of different “salon-like rooms.”

The establishment does not list its menu online, and Café Boulud did not immediately respond to Entrepreneur‘s request for comment on what exactly the “chobster” is.

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