Mastercard Expands Benefits for Cardholders Focused on Wellness, Travel, and Lifestyle

Mastercard has announced an expansion of benefits for its cardholders through new partnerships with leading companies in health and wellness, travel, and lifestyle. These enhancements are designed to add value for both everyday consumers and small business owners.

The credit card giant has teamed up with Alo Moves,, HealthLock, Instacart Business, Lyft, MoviePass, and ResortPass to offer discounts and exclusive services that address key spending areas for its users. This move is part of Mastercard’s strategy to offer more than just financial services, by enriching its cardholders’ personal and professional lives.

New Benefits Aim to Simplify and Enrich Experiences

Recent studies by Mastercard show that 87% of American consumers look forward to using their credit card rewards, and these rewards often influence their buying decisions. To meet this demand, Mastercard’s latest offerings include significant discounts and special services:

  • Travel: Deals with, Lyft, and ResortPass will make traveling more affordable and enjoyable. These include up to 7% off hotel bookings, 10% off airport rides with Lyft, and statement credits for enjoying resort amenities.
  • Health and Wellness: Partnerships with Alo Moves and HealthLock provide reduced membership fees for wellness platforms and free access to services that help manage medical expenses and ensure billing accuracy.
  • Lifestyle: For everyday convenience, Mastercard now offers benefits with Instacart Business for grocery delivery and MoviePass for discounted access to cinemas.

Seema Chibber, Executive Vice President of North America Product and Engineering at Mastercard, stated, “From savvy shoppers to ambitious entrepreneurs, Mastercard provides a full complement of valuable benefits to help cardholders simplify their daily routines, fuel their passions, and enhance their lifestyles.”

Specific Offers for Small Businesses and Consumers

  • Savings on pre-paid accommodations.
  • Lyft: Discounts on rides to the airport.
  • Alo Moves: Half off on wellness subscriptions and additional loyalty points.
  • MoviePass: 50% off new subscriptions for the first two months.
  • ResortPass: Up to $30 credit on bookings.
  • Instacart Business: A two-month trial of Instacart+, offering free same-day deliveries, plus further discounts on subsequent orders.

These enhanced benefits are designed to not only provide savings but also to increase convenience and enhance the quality of services available to Mastercard holders. This approach helps both individual consumers and small business owners by providing valuable solutions that support their lifestyles and business operations.

Mastercard’s latest updates are a strategic response to the evolving needs of its cardholders, ensuring they receive the best possible value and service options in a dynamic market. For more details, cardholders are encouraged to visit Mastercard’s websites or contact its customer service.

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