Narrato Uses AI to Put Content Marketing on Autopilot

For businesses looking to improve operations through AI, Narrato has several intriguing functions. In fact, the company harnesses AI to create marketing content on autopilot. Learn how it works and what sets it apart in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Offers AI marketing solutions for businesses.

Founder and CEO Sophia Solanki told Small Business Trends, “Our product Narrato is an AI content creation and marketing platform for small businesses. Besides hundreds of amazing AI tools and templates for content creation (social, blogs, product descriptions, emails and more), we have built a content autopilot for small businesses called Content Genie, which automatically generates social media posts and blog content weekly. We drive huge marketing cost savings for entrepreneurs and small businesses.”

Business Niche

An intuitive UI and features that put content creation on autopilot.

Solanki says, “Content Genie and our 100+ AI tools and templates, coupled with publishing support, saves hundreds of hours monthly on content creation and marketing. For many of our customers, our platform has been able to cut down content creation costs by 80%. eCommerce businesses are also significantly benefitting from our all-in-one AI content marketing platform, as they are able to create product description in bulk, and marketing content using AI – all in one platform.”

How the Business Got Started

To fill a need for small businesses.

Solanki is a serial entrepreneur who previously built two successful businesses in the content and marketing space. Then, she saw an opportunity to make these processes more efficient using AI. And thus, Narrato was born.

Biggest Win

Receiving recognition from big names in the industry, as well as customers.

Solanki explains, “We have been lucky to have many feathers in our hat, including being the #1 Marketing Product of the month on Product Hunt (Oct 2023), winner of TiE Silicon Valley Top 50 Startups award in 2023, and have been featured in numerous top publications including Techcrunch, Forbes, The Australian, Inc. and many more. All of this is surpassed by the love and success of our customers, who absolutely love the impact Narrato brings to how they create content and do impactful digital marketing at minimal costs.”

Biggest Risk

Dedicating major resources to a new offering.

Solanki says, “We poured in a lot of resources to build our content autopilot AI Content Genie, which took dedicated all team effort for 5 months. We needed it to pay off and it did. It’s a phenomenal success.”

Lesson Learned

Focus on providing the highest possible value for customers.

Solanki adds, “We started out as a content workflow automation workspace in 2022, but soon realized the big bang impact will come from AI. Which is why we built AI Content Genie and a powerful AI Content Assistant to support all kinds of marketing content creation and optimization. And this pivot has been a game changer for us and our customers.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Branding and marketing.

Solanki says, “We have the best AI content tool on the market for small businesses and we would love to have more amazing small business marketers and owners try us out.”

Marketing Secret

Creating genuinely helpful content.

Solanki explains, “Nearly all of our customers come to us organically through the educational content we publish and share. With organic content marketing, we are driving real product led growth, where our customers sign up, experience the product and subscribe for the immense immediate benefit our platform brings.”


Image: Narrato, Sophia Solanki

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