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Brands can catapult their visibility and appeal by placing their products in the hands of celebrities; think about how quickly a product goes viral after someone like Kim Kardashian posts about it. However, securing celebrity endorsements can be challenging and costly without the right connections. From my experience running an agency, even when you have access to celebrities and brands, success hinges on seizing the right moment with an unforgettable presentation.

One of the most effective strategies I use at my agency to get products into the hands of celebrities is through celebrity gifting suites at high-profile events like the Oscars, Grammys and Super Bowl. Gifting suites are exclusive spaces where companies can showcase their products to A-listers in a more intimate setting.

Unlike traditional trade show environments, where products might simply be displayed, gifting suites require you to captivate attendees with engaging presentations and charm them with your personal charisma. Most celebrities are always sent free products, which, more often than not, are passed on to family and friends. Gifting suites, however, offer a distinct advantage by facilitating a more personal and direct way to place your product into celebrities’ hands.

I recently attended the GBK Celebrity Gifting Suite for Oscar weekend at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills. The event was filled with A-list celebrities like Viola Davis, who were walking around getting introduced to a range of products from new stem cell-infused skincare to high-end ski accessories.

The primary benefit of participating in gifting suites is the opportunity for extensive media coverage. The moment a celebrity is seen with your product or gives it a nod on social media, it acts as an unofficial stamp of approval for your brand. This kind of endorsement can significantly boost your brand’s image and drive sales. These events offer a rare chance for brands to interact personally with celebrities, creating an intimate product experience that can lead to real interest and a strong connection.

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Understanding the costs

Participation in celebrity gifting suites does come with a price tag. Depending on the prominence of the event and the suite’s exclusivity, costs can range from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars. This fee usually covers the space within the suite, inclusion in promotional materials and, sometimes, the opportunity to interact personally with the attending celebrities. For many brands, this investment is justified by the potential return in terms of publicity and the chance to align with the star power of the attendees.

Presentation is key

When it comes to presenting your product in a gifting suite, the key is to stand out. Remember, celebrities and their entourages will be browsing many products, so making a memorable impression is crucial. High-quality, visually appealing packaging is a must. Additionally, consider offering a unique, hands-on experience with your product. Personalize the experience or the product itself to make it more memorable. For instance, engraving a celebrity’s name on the product or offering a bespoke version can significantly increase its appeal.

One brand that stood out to me at GBK’s Gifting Suite was Jane Foodie, a woman-owned flash frozen food company based in Yonkers, NY. Her display caught my eye, easily the best one at the event. The canned foods reminded me of vintage Campbell cans; I could smell how delicious they smelled from across the venue as Jane prepared her favorites to share with the crowd. The take-home product was a cute brown paper bag-inspired insulated lunch box with samples of her food and a $300 gift certificate inside a sealed aluminum soup can.

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Following up effectively

The work doesn’t end once the event is over. Effective follow-up is crucial to capitalize on the initial engagement. Shortly after the event, send personalized thank-you notes to the celebrities who showed interest in your product, reminding them of your encounter. If applicable, include any photographs of them with your product you were able to capture during the event.

Following up with the press is equally important. Prepare press releases that highlight your product’s presence at the event and, if possible, any celebrity interactions. Be proactive in reaching out to industry publications, blogs and social media influencers who might be interested in your story.

Moreover, keep an eye on social media for any mentions or photographs from celebrities who received your product. Engaging with these posts — whether through likes, comments or shares — can further amplify your product’s visibility.

The bigger picture

While celebrity gifting suites offer a unique opportunity for brand exposure, they are just one part of a broader marketing strategy. Success in these venues requires careful planning, from selecting the right event to participate in to effectively presenting your product and following up afterward. The costs associated with these events can be significant, so it’s vital to weigh them against the potential benefits for your brand.

In conclusion, celebrity gifting suites around major events like the Oscars, Grammys and Golden Globe Awards present an enticing avenue for brands to gain visibility and endorsement. By understanding the benefits, costs and strategies for effective presentation and follow-up, brands can leverage these opportunities to catapult their products into the spotlight. As with any marketing endeavor, success in celebrity gifting suites demands creativity, preparation and a keen understanding of your audience. For those brands that navigate these waters successfully, the rewards can be as dazzling as the events themselves.

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