Why I’m Not Falling For Those Streaming Bundle ‘Deals’ — And You Shouldn’t Either.

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Ask any movie buff, and they’ll tell you that “The Godfather Part III” was by far the worst of the mafia trilogy. But one line in that movie came to my mind when I saw this article about new “bundling” deals that are popping up from Verizon, Netflix, Disney and others: “Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!” That’s the way I feel about all those bundling deals.

I shouldn’t admit this publicly because it’s so embarrassing, but my cable bill with Xfinity was about $370 per month — yes, $370! Sure, I’ve got high-speed internet and the plan with all the channels and it’s on two TVs. But come on — I’m old enough to remember the days when TV was actually free, just as long as you didn’t mind watching “Hee Haw” and repeats of “Gilligan’s Island” in the afternoons.

Sure, there are numerous “bundling” plans offered by my cable provider. But they’re confusing, and I’ve resisted them. So, in the end, like most others, I’ve just shrugged my shoulders and avoided messing with the status quo. This is precisely what Verizon, Netflix, Disney and all the others want me to do: nothing. Instead, they want to confuse consumers like me. But enough is enough.

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