Don’t Optimize for Clicks! – Jon Loomer Digital

A popular strategy is to run Traffic campaigns that optimize for link clicks or landing page views. In most cases, you’re throwing money away.

The link click will be the algorithm’s entire focus. Meta is trying to get you the most link clicks at the lowest cost. Many of these clicks will come from people who click everything. They can also come from bots and click fraud that haven’t been detected yet.

You assume that people who click your ad actually care about your content. When you optimize for link clicks, you’ll see this is far from the truth.

Meta needs a way to optimize for quality traffic, but that doesn’t exist.

One alternative is creating custom events for deeper engagement on your website. I have events for scroll depth, time spent, starting my podcast player, clicking internal links, playing embedded YouTube videos, and a whole lot more.

You can then optimize for these events so that the algorithm prioritizes those actions instead of just a click.

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