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The biggest issue with ads optimization is that, unless you optimize for purchases, Meta doesn’t care about quality. Link clicks, landing page views, ThruPlay, even add-to-carts and initiate checkouts.

Meta only cares about getting you as many of that thing as possible at the lowest cost. This would be fine if ad behavior was similar to organic behavior, but you often get these cheap actions due to weaknesses in the algorithm.

We need Meta to care about the quality of these actions. How about a secondary performance goal?

Optimize for an Add to Cart, for example, as your primary performance goal. You might do this because you can’t get enough purchases to exit learning. Then set Purchase as your secondary performance goal. Measuring purchases could be the built-in quality check.

Meta uses a similar concept for conversion leads or optimizing for value. Why not apply this approach to other actions?

Whether it’s a secondary performance goal or some other way for Meta to optimize for higher-quality actions, some sort of solution is needed.

Let me know what you think!

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