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Meta is updating ad previews. Do you have the new design?

You’ll see this message at the top:

Ad Previews

Old vs. New

The old version featured one preview on the left, and you could select from different placements by clicking smaller thumbnails on the right.

Ad Previews

The new version features everything equally in two columns.

Ad Previews

At the top, you can filter by:

  • All
  • Feeds, In-Stream Ads for Videos and Reels, and Search Results
  • Stories and Reels, Apps and Sites
  • Right Column and Search Results

Ad Previews

If there are any problems, you’ll see it on the far right. Here’s an example…

Ad Previews

Otherwise, you still have access to the Advanced Preview option.

Ad Previews

Overall, not a major overhaul, but different. What do you think about this update?

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