When Should You Use All Placements?

Advertisers love to manually select placements instead of using Advantage+ Placements. If you’re optimizing for a conversion when you do this, you’re likely increasing your costs.

Let me explain…

You’ve chosen a conversion as your performance goal, so that’s Meta’s entire focus. Meta will use a mix of placements based on costs and effectiveness to help you get as many of those conversions as possible. If a placement isn’t contributing to more conversions, it will be used less.

I know, you think certain placements just don’t work as well. This is true. But Meta is way better and faster than you are at reacting to the effectiveness of placements and how they contribute to your results for a single ad set.

By manually selecting placements, ou’re giving yourself way too much credit.

The only time you should manually select placements is when Meta can be misled by surface-level results and you’ve told Meta that you want those results. This can absolutely happen when optimizing for link clicks, landing page views, and ThruPlay.

It happens because certain placements are prone to generating lots of low-quality actions. You’ve told the algorithm that you want those actions, and the algorithm doesn’t know the difference whether they’re high or low quality.

But you don’t need to worry about low-quality sales, and no placement would be susceptible to that. So use Advantage+ Placements in those cases and let Meta do its thing.

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