Who Needs a Podcast Guest?

In 2023, I made being a podcast guest a priority. I was on more than a dozen shows, but most of those appearances were early on. I want to continue this in 2024.

What could we talk about?

I can, of course, talk about Meta ads and the continued evolution of changes. So much has changed during the past few years, and I don’t expect that to slow down in 2024. My focus has been on advanced Facebook ads education for more than a decade, so I’ve seen a lot.

I also enjoy talking about my entrepreneurial journey. It’s a unique path that is fun to talk about. I was first exposed to Facebook while I was with the NBA in 2007, and I got laid off from two other jobs before going on my own in 2011.

My journey also includes a dedication to short-form video. Once my business hit a decline beginning in 2020, I reached a point in 2022 when something needed to change. Short-form video was that “something,” and I published at least one video every day in 2023.

Overall, I prefer to go on shows with people I know or who know my story. In general, I find that it makes for a much more natural conversation if we have some sort of connection already.

It’s also good if we align on a basic outlook on business. If you know me, you should know what I mean by that. I’m an accidental marketer who takes a soft sales approach, so I’m not into any of the hustle culture or scammy marketing stuff.

None of this means we need to be best friends or anything, but I want this to be an appearance you can be proud of.

If you’re interested, give me a shout. Drop me a message.

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